Washington College is committed to fostering a stronger culture of equity and inclusion 在校园和社区.

Pictured Above: The Black Student Union led a march for social justice in February 2020.


多样性是一项人力资源. 它表示任何显著的区别 one individual from another is considered a human quality to be treasured and included in the social dynamic, instead of being considered a hurdle for human interaction 和理解. 拥抱多样性通常意味着价值观和思维方式的转变.

Being diverse is not enough, if social relations are not fair and only a few individuals 可以成功的. 多样性的渴望和有效的增加是最重要的 这是追求社会正义的第一步. 日益增加的弱势群体的多样性 或出于道德需要而被边缘化的群体. 一旦物种多样性增加, 包容和融合开始发挥作用. 包容意味着为个人提供 一种可能超越个人自身群体身份的归属感. 一种文化 包容性增强了个人对更大社区的依恋. 包括一次, individuals need to feel that their chances to succeed are as equal as anybody else’s. 一种文化 of equity guarantees that people would be able to access the necessary resources 为他们自己的成功,也为他们多个社区的成功.


We, the students, faculty, staff, and Board of 访问ors and Governors of Washington 大学,欢迎、邀请、重视和支持多元化的个人群体. We 努力创造一个所有人都可以学习、工作和茁壮成长的环境. 我们相信 worth, dignity, and safety of human beings of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities and/or expressions, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, cultural backgrounds, cognitive or physical abilities, emotional and behavioral characteristics, 年龄,教育程度. 在追求学术卓越的同时,我们努力做到 be a community made up of people from a variety of backgrounds with differing perspectives, life experiences, religious, philosophical, and political beliefs, lifestyles, and 意识形态.

We pledge to create a respectful and supportive environment for collaboration, empathy, and the building of meaningful relationships among members gpk电子游戏平台. We commit to fostering a more equitable, inclusive, and engaged community that embraces 每个人给校园带来的复杂性.

  • We will empower all members to contribute ideas, ask questions, contest assumptions, 并通过公民辩论来修正观点.
  • We will confront and challenge attempts to dehumanize others through prejudiced attitudes, behaviors, and practices that exclude, demean, or marginalize any individual or group.
  • We will encourage alumni, parents, visitors, guests, and the wider community to respect 拥抱我们所体现的价值观和行为.

Our promise is to cultivate a continuous desire and ability to understand and meaningfully engage with different perspectives and experiences, including those of historically 代表不足和边缘化群体. 我们力求为全面的知识分子做出贡献 and emotional development of every person and to the enrichment of our local, regional, 国家和全球社区.






Chesapeake Heartland is a collaboration between the National Museum of African American 历史 and culture, Washington College, and an array of local organizations including 萨姆纳厅、肯特文化联盟和肯特县公共图书馆. 它的使命是 to preserve, digitize, interpret, and make accessible materials related to African 肯特郡的美国历史和文化.



Since the Spring of 2018, Professor of 历史 Carol Wilson has led teams of undergraduates investigating Washington College's connection to enslavement, sharing the stories of slaveholders associated with the institution as well as those of enslaved people 自由黑人在校园中工作.




The 跨文化大使 (IAs) are students from diverse backgrounds that represent 不同的文化和生活经历. IAs表示的身份包括:第一代 students, the LGBT community, international students, students of color, faith and non-faith efforts on campus, gender, students with disabilities, non-traditional students, 以及来自低社会经济背景的学生. 大使们充当联络员 to the office by providing programming and outreach opportunities that support these specific communities to create a better understanding of different cultural experiences. IAs develop the monthly office newsletters, market events, and manage social media 账户.





The goal of LatinX Heritage Month, each September, is for students and our campus community to experience the beauty and complexity of Spanish culture, and hopefully gained more appreciation of Spanish-speaking cultures and their legacies in the US2019年拉丁文化月的主题是Dr. 保罗·奥尔蒂斯(佛罗里达大学)和活动家 乔西Valadez Freire.

During 黑人历史 Month in February, we honor the too-often neglected accomplishments 美国黑人在美国各个领域的努力.S. 历史. 黑人历史 2020年12月有一天是为马丁·路德·金服务的日子.非裔美国人 Read-In, the MLK Read-In, racial equity training, a talk by author David Blight, and 味精布鲁斯三重奏的音乐会,以及其他许多活动.

Members of the College community join hands with community partners to celebrate 遗产日和社区团结日.



gpk电子游戏平台历史项目 takes as its charge the honest and forthright examination of the institution’s troubling historical legacy of racism and the urgent need to acknowledge and reconcile this history in order to dismantle racial injustices 在当下.  该项目由总统在2020年夏天启动 of the College, is the institution's path forward toward change on our campus and 在我们的校园文化中回应这一历史遗产.



This center, located in the Casey Academic Center, provides the College community with cultural, educational, and social events that uniquely illuminate the particular 非裔美国人的经历.


  • the development of innovative approaches to provide social activities for the students gpk电子游戏平台
  • 鼓励高中生上大学的兴趣
  • providing a physical space that reflects the perspectives, values and culture of Black 学生和人
  • providing cultural, intellectual, and emotional support to all Black students and 更大的黑人社区
  • supporting and challenging students interested in culturally-centered leadership, and becoming an integral part of the College’s effort to provide multicultural education 为更大的切斯特镇社区.